Internship Opportunities

Senator Stabenow welcomes interns in her Washington DC office. Interning in a United States Senator's office is a wonderful educational opportunity to learn more about our American government and the legislative process. Senator Stabenow looks forward to giving interns the opportunity to expand their knowledge of our nation's history, while experiencing government service first-hand.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Interns will be assigned to support the legislative, communications, or scheduling staff. The interns contributions are depended on by Senator Stabenow and the entire staff. Maturity, dependability and a willingness to work hard and pitch-in where needed are all important attributes. Basic technical capabilities and strong communications skills are essential for all interns.

Legislative Interns

Most of the interns for Senator Stabenow work with the legislative staff. Specific tasks might include researching policy issues, writing memos, drafting response letters, attending hearings, greeting office visitors, answering constituent calls, entering and organizing data, and other various tasks.

Press Interns

Press interns are assigned to help the communications team. The press interns typically assist with news clips, press releases, social media, and coordinating with Michigan and national media.

Scheduling Interns

Scheduling interns report to the scheduling staff. Scheduling interns assist in the day-to-day operations of the Senate office. They are also given the opportunity to take on some additional legislative tasks.

Application Process

Internships are paid work experiences that provide valuable insight into our government and unique public service opportunities. Due to the number of applicants and limited amount of space, internships in Senator Stabenow's office are usually competitive. Internships are only available in the Washington, DC office.

To apply, click on the link below to the Senate Office Application Manager (OAM) website for more details on the internship application process and the internship application itself.

The deadline for Spring 2021 Internships is November 8th, 2020.

Any additional questions should be directed to

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