Key Issues

  • Making Quality Health Care Affordable

    Senator Stabenow believes that quality healthcare is a basic human right. As a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee and Ranking Member of the Health Subcommittee, she has led efforts in Congress to make health care more affordable. More

  • Environment and Great Lakes

    Senator Debbie Stabenow is the Co-Chair of the bipartisan Senate Great Lakes Task Force and is one of our greatest champions for protecting our Great Lakes and environment. As someone who has lived in Michigan her whole life, Stabenow understands that our Great Lakes and waterways are vital to our economy and our way of life—supporting more than 800,000 Michigan jobs. More

  • Standing Up for Our Veterans

    U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow believes our veterans should not stand at the back of any line. Whether it’s health care, education, a chance at a good job, or the military recognitions they earned in service, our nation must keep its promises to our heroes who have served. She learned this respect for service from her own family – her father served in World War II. More

  • New Skills for New Jobs Agenda

    As Sen. Stabenow travels the state, she frequently meets with business owners who express a critical need for more skilled workers. She also meets with labor leaders who offer opportunities for training and apprenticeships for good-paying jobs in the skilled trades. And she hears from parents frustrated with the lack of opportunities for their children who are not college-bound as well as educators who are innovating to meet these needs. Last summer, she brought all of these leaders together in communities across the state to discuss how we can partner to meet the needs of employers and provide job opportunities for all Michigan workers and students. Now she is introducing her New Skills for New Jobs Agenda to help every young person get the skills they need for a good-paying job. More

  • American Jobs Agenda

    Senator Stabenow is laser-focused on creating jobs here in America.  Her American Jobs Agenda will ensure we are making products in America, closing loopholes that send jobs overseas, and holding countries like China accountable for unfair trade practices. More

  • Supporting Michigan’s Agricultural Economy

    Senator Debbie Stabenow is a champion for Michigan agriculture and rural communities. As Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, she wrote the bipartisan 2014 Farm Bill, which streamlined more than 100 programs while making historic investments in land and water conservation, local food systems, and specialty crops. As the current Chairwoman of the Committee, she built on that progress by co-authoring the historic 2018 Farm Bill, which passed on a strong bipartisan Senate vote of 87-13 – the most votes in favor of a Farm Bill in history. The bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill strengthens Michigan’s agricultural economy, which is the state’s second-largest industry, supporting one in four jobs. The bill also has a major impact in protecting Michigan’s Great Lakes, investing in our small towns and rural communities, promoting Michigan forestry, growing local food economies, and providing healthy food for families. More