Capitol Flags

Senator Stabenow's office would be happy to assist you with requests for flags flown over the U.S. Capitol building. You may purchase these flags for any special occasion.

Please specify the size and material of the flag(s) that you are requesting. If you are requesting the flag to be flown on a specific date, please submit your purchase two weeks prior to the requested flying date. After the flag flying date, please allow another four to six weeks for certification and shipping. Please take this into consideration if the flag(s) are needed by a specific date. With the flag you will receive a certificate stating the date the flag was flown, and for whom, if applicable.

The price of the flags, the shipping fee, and the flying fee will be:

3x5 Nylon Flag - $14.00

3x5 Cotton Flag - $15.00

4x6 Nylon Flag - $18.00

5x8 Nylon Flag - $27.00

Shipping Fee Per Flag - $9.80*

Flying Fee Per Flag - $9.00*

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding, and we look forward to receiving your flag requests.

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