Senator Stabenow Statement on the Freedom to Vote Act

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

WASHINGTON—Senator Debbie Stabenow released the following statement after Senate Republicans blocked the vote to begin discussion on the Freedom to Vote Act in the U.S. Senate. The Freedom to Vote Act would set basic national standards to make sure all Americans can cast their ballots in the way that works best for them, regardless of what zip code they live in.


“Today’s vote was deeply concerning but unfortunately, not surprising. We already know that Republicans are doing everything they can to block voters from exercising their fundamental freedom to vote. They didn’t like the outcome of the 2020 election so they’re doing everything possible to tip the scales in their direction for the next election.


“The Freedom to Vote Act is common sense and would protect the same kind of voting rules that Michigan voters overwhelming voted to put into Michigan law in 2018—allowing people to vote by mail and modernizing voter registration. Instead of working to make it harder to vote, Republicans should spend more time working across the aisle to solve problems and get things done for the American people.”