Senator Stabenow Statement on Status of Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Clean Energy Investments in Budget Package

Friday, July 15, 2022

Senator Stabenow released the following statement on the status of the electric vehicle tax credit and clean energy investments in the budget package:


“If these reports are true, not continuing the electric vehicle tax credit and opposing all clean energy investments is a gift to China and an absolute slap in the face to American businesses and American workers. This short-sighted position shows a complete lack of understanding about our American auto industry and its leading role in the future of manufacturing in our country. I will always bet on the American worker. They are the best in the world and should have our support to continue making the vehicles and the technologies that will help us win the global clean energy race.”


“This missed opportunity cannot be overstated. We are handing over the keys to China and giving them the green light to lead the clean energy future,” said Senator Stabenow.