Senator Stabenow Statement on Escalating Violence in Israel

Thursday, May 13, 2021

WASHINGTON—Senator Debbie Stabenow today released the following statement regarding the escalating violence in Israel:

“What is happening on the ground in Jerusalem, Gaza, and throughout Israel is horrifying. Leaders in the region and in the United States must appeal for calm and call for a ceasefire for the sake of Israeli and Palestinian civilians and families who are caught in the crossfire.  

"These events cannot be seen in a vacuum. Indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas into Israel is intolerable and fuels this cycle of violence. The scenes of devastation in Gaza are heartbreaking. The heavy-handed police tactics against worshippers at the Al Aqsa mosque in the closing days of Ramadan and the tensions surrounding the evictions of Palestinian families only escalate an already frayed and volatile situation.  

"Families across Michigan fear for the safety of their loved ones. I urge the Biden Administration to gather a complete assessment, brief Congress, and work with international partners to deescalate this conflict, protect civilians, and defend human rights.”