Ranking Member Stabenow Receives “Legislator of the Year Award” At Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show

Saturday, June 20, 2015

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow was presented with the American Kennel Club's "Legislator of the Year Award" for her work on behalf of dog breeders on Saturday, June 20 during the 2015 Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show. Senator Stabenow also presented this year's "Best in Show" award.

The animal protection provisions in the 2014 Farm Bill authored by Senator Stabenow fixed regulatory changes that were made in 2013 that would have forced small dog breeders to comply with new licensure requirements meant for large-scale commercial breeders and online pet sellers. Without the changes made by Senator Stabenow, these commercial breeder regulations would have inadvertently harmed some small hobby breeders, including some facilities that also serve as foster homes for rescue dogs. Senator Stabenow fixed this burdensome regulation for small breeders while maintaining important protections for animal welfare.

The Detroit Kennel Club dog show is one of only five "benched" shows remaining in the United States that allows the public to meet and greet the dogs. Over 160 breeds were represented at the show.