On Senate Floor, Stabenow Reads Stories from Michigan Constituents Concerned About the Future of their Health Care

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

U.S. Senator Stabenow spoke on the floor this week to read stories that she has received from constituents across Michigan who are concerned about the future of their health care:

Sonja, a farmer from Watervliet:

A blueberry farmer and a small business owner, Sonja and her husband have relied on the Affordable Care Act over the past few years to pay huge medical costs. In 2012, Sonja tore the meniscus in her right knee and couldn’t do anything to take care of the issue because she didn’t have insurance. Because of the Affordable care act, she had health insurance three years later and was able to have the severe tear repaired after doctor visits, an MRI, and surgery. She was also able to get preventive care to screen for cancer and her husband was able to get a physical for the first time since high school. Sonja is concerned that she would never be able to afford insurance if she loses a subsidy to make it affordable.

Mary, a small business owner from Dundee:

Mary has three daughters and owns a small massage therapy business. Her family was covered under Medicaid Expansion and later through a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in the Marketplace even though her 20-year-old daughter has life threatening allergies and asthma. Mary is concerned that her daughter will not be able to purchase affordable coverage of her own if she is not able to stay on her insurance until age 26 due to her pre-existing condition.

Laurie, a resident from Jonesville with diabetes and breast cancer:

Laurie has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 54 years but was able to purchase health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act (a pre-existing condition that would have made her uninsurable). Last year, she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in a routine mammogram. Without the Affordable Care Act she would not have been able to afford the mammogram or the subsequent treatment without depleting her family’s life savings. Instead of paying $150,000 her maximum out of pocket cost was a small fraction of that amount. Laurie believes without the Affordable Care Act she would not get the care she needs.