Help for Veterans

What support is included for VA health care facilities and their COVID-19 response?

The CARES Act included $19.57 billion in funding to ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has the equipment, tests, telehealth capabilities, and support services necessary to support veterans and the health care workforce at facilities nationwide.


I run a veteran-owned small business. Can the CARES Act help me?


Yes. If you are a veteran-owned small business, you can receive support through the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program to cover eight weeks of your payroll, the mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs. There will be up to 100% loan forgiveness options for a veteran-owned small businesses that keeps its workers on payroll.


I have a VA-backed mortgage. Am I protected against foreclosure during the COVID-19 emergency declaration?

Yes. Please visit for more information.


My school is converting to online education because of COVID-19. Will I still receive my housing allowance?

If you’re currently receiving GI Bill benefits, payments will continue automatically. You don’t have to do anything. You’ll continue to receive the same monthly housing allowance payments you received for resident training until December 21, 2021, or until your school resumes normal operations.


I am a veteran living in a rural area and am being told that my appointments will now be through telehealth, but I can’t afford internet services or don’t have a good internet connection. How will this bill help me?

Talk to your VA health care provider and local VA about getting an iPad or other tablet from VA. This bill allows VA to enter into partnerships with local telecommunications companies to subsidize or completely pay for broadband internet services. Call your local VA facility or send a secure message to your provider on My HealtheVet to ask about this option.


I’m a veteran in need of home-based care. Can I still enroll or renew my participation in the Veteran Directed Care program?

Yes, you can enroll or renew your participation in the Veteran Directed Care program through telephone or telehealth, no in-home visit required.


I run an area agency on aging or other agency that provides services to veterans in the Veteran Directed Care program. Our county is telling us to limit face-to-face services and home visits. Can I still process new participants and renewals?

Yes, agencies can now enroll or renew veterans in the Veteran Directed Care program through telephone or telehealth, no in-home visit required.


I’m a veteran using the Veteran Directed Care program for home-based care, but I can’t get to a printer or post office to send in my renewal paperwork due to COVID-19. Will I be kicked out of the program?

No, veterans and their caregivers will not be penalized for late paperwork and will not be dis-enrolled or suspended from the program.


I’m a veteran using the Veteran Directed Care program for home-based care, but I am currently living outside of my home state and can’t travel home due to COVID-19 restrictions and health concerns. Can my caregiver still be paid for services, even if we are out of state?

Yes, veterans and their caregivers will not be penalized for being out of state for more than 14 days during the COVID-19 emergency and should continue to receive payments for care.


I use VA’s prosthetics service and need to get my prosthetic adjusted but am nervous to go into a VA facility because I have underlying conditions that make me more at risk of complications from COVID-19. Where can I go to get my prosthetic adjusted?

This bill gives VA more flexibility to allow veterans who need their prosthetics created or adjusted to do so in their local community. Call your local VA provider or message them on My HealtheVet and ask about this option.


I’m a VA employee working lots of overtime due to COVID-19. Can I still receive overtime pay for hours worked even if it puts me above the Federal pay caps?

Yes, any VA employee involved in COVID-19 response efforts can receive pay for all hours worked, even above the normal pay caps, for work done in support of VA’s response to COVID-19.


I’m a home health care worker for the VA. Can I receive personal protective equipment for providing home care services to veterans?

Yes, VA must provide PPE to any home health worker employed by or contracted with VA to provide services to veterans. 


I run a State Veterans Home. Will I be penalized if my residents come down with COVID-19 and are transferred to acute care, putting me under the 90% occupancy rate threshold needed for payment from VA?

No, State Veterans Homes will continue to receive payment from VA during the COVID-19 pandemic even if they don’t meet the 90% occupancy rate or the 75% veteran occupancy rate requirements for per diem payment.


I run a State Veterans Home, and I don’t have enough PPE or supplies. What support can VA provide?

In addition to requesting emergency supplies and PPE from your county or state emergency coordinator, the CARES Act also allows VA to share PPE and supplies with State Veterans Homes to keep residents and staff safe.


I am a VA HUD-VASH caseworker. How can I make sure I am keeping up with my veterans in the HUD-VASH program?

This bill encourages VA to use more telehealth capabilities for yourself and your veterans. Call each other or use Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Google Hangouts Video, or Skype. Ask your local VA about access to an iPad or other tablet for you or your veterans to use to facilitate virtual meetings.


I am an Supportive Services for Veteran Families provider. How does this bill allow me to continue to help homeless veterans?

This bill includes additional funding for VA to increase payments to many service providers, including the SSVF program. For more information about how to help veterans during COVID-19, visit