VIDEO: Ahead of Meeting with Chinese President, Senator Stabenow Urges Trump to Hold Countries Like China Accountable for Unfair Trade Practices

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Ahead of President Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) today spoke at a press conference urging President Trump to hold countries like China accountable for unfair trade practices that hurt Michigan workers and businesses.  Stabenow joined 11 Senators today and sent a letter to President Trump urging him to address China’s failed compliance of trade obligations including overcapacity, currency manipulation and industrial espionage in his meeting with Xi. 

Click here to watch video of Senator Stabenow’s remarks.  The full transcript of her remarks maybe found below:

“President Trump made a promise to workers and businesses in Michigan that he would crack down on foreign companies that violate our trade laws so that we can protect and expand American jobs.


“I repeatedly called on President Trump and his Administration to hold countries like China accountable when they manipulate their currencies and I also called on the Obama Administration to call out China as a currency manipulator and hold them accountable.


“This is not a partisan issue; it’s about American jobs.


“Five million jobs have been lost by currency manipulation alone and I am very concerned that Donald Trump is more focused now on expanding his own businesses in China rather than our businesses at home.


“Just recently, China approved 38 new Trump trademarks for businesses. Our President will have his name on businesses in China including spas, massage parlors, finance and construction companies and real estate companies.


“This comes after President Trump fought in Chinese courts for years to get his trademarks with his name on it in China.


“I am concerned that Donald Trump is turning his back on people in Michigan and across the country who care deeply about combating unfair trade practices.


“So this week, President Trump has an opportunity to show us whose side he is on.


“He is meeting with the Chinese President, President Xi; he has the opportunity to keep his promises to Michigan workers and workers and businesses across the country.


“As he hosts President Xi at his golf course in Mar-A-Lago, not in the White House, I urge him to make firm commitments to crack down on unfair trade practices that hurt our workers and cost us jobs.


“We need to take meaningful steps so that countries like China stop dumping aluminum and steel in our markets, hurting American manufacturers.


“We need to make sure that countries don’t artificially undervalue the currency, undermining American companies and workers.


“We have to make sure that we are strongly enforcing our intellectual property laws and making sure other countries, China specifically, are not stealing our trade secrets and attacking our companies.


“With a level playing field, Michigan companies and workers can compete with anybody in the world and win.


“It’s time for President Trump to keep his promise to stand up to China on behalf of American workers and businesses.


“And we need to know who he is looking out for in these meetings.


“Is he looking out for American people and American jobs or his own private business interests in China?


“The American people will be watching.”