Senator Stabenow Visits Hemlock Semiconductor to Announce Major Progress on Her Make It in America Agenda

Stabenow Highlights Progress Made to Advance Next Generation of American Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

SAGINAW — U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) visited Hemlock Semiconductor to highlight the major progress made on her Make It in America agenda. Hemlock Semiconductor Operations is a leading provider of hyper-pure polycrystalline silicon and other silicon-based products used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, solar cells and vehicles. Senator Stabenow’s bill to address supply chain issues advanced in the Senate last week and would support businesses like Hemlock Semiconductor.


“For too long, countries have been outpacing the United States on funding new technologies, making critical components Americans rely on, and building electric vehicles. We are now at a crucial moment in our competition to win the clean energy manufacturing future for America and eliminate the real vulnerabilities we are seeing in our supply chains,” said Senator Stabenow. “The Senate Finance committee took action last week on efforts I have been leading to make sure we are investing in solar manufacturing, electric vehicles and building semiconductors here at home. This will help Michigan manufacturers transition to a clean energy economy and create good-paying jobs.”


“Solar is the fastest growing source of power generation. With the right investments and sound public policies, we believe we can effectively build our own domestic, end-to-end solar supply chain,” HSC Chairman and CEO Mark Bassett said. “We thank Senator Stabenow for her leadership, and we remain committed to investing in our communities by creating high-quality manufacturing jobs here in Michigan.”


During the economic crisis in 2009, Senator Stabenow created the 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which helped boost U.S. manufacturing. In 2010, Hemlock Semiconductor Operations received nearly $142 million in tax credits to support solar expansion activity at their site in Hemlock, Michigan.


U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow is leading the effort in Congress to advance the next generation of American manufacturing and create good-paying jobs here at home.


Addressing the Semiconductor Shortage

The global semiconductor shortage has harmed our manufacturing industries and led to worker layoffs. It is alarming that American industry is so over-reliant on chips made in foreign countries. That is why Senators Stabenow and Peters authored a provision in the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act to provide $2 billion for the production of mature semiconductor technologies.


Clean Energy Manufacturing

Senator Stabenow’s American Jobs in Energy Manufacturing Act passed the Finance Committee as part of the Clean Energy for America Act on May 26th. It boosts manufacturing by providing a 30% tax credit to retool or build new facilities to produce clean energy technologies, like semiconductors, batteries and electric vehicles.


Electric Vehicle Consumer Tax Credit

Senator Stabenow is leading efforts to get more drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles. The Clean Energy for America Act includes her expanded consumer tax credit. It provides a base credit of $7,500 with an additional $2,500 for vehicles made in America and an additional $2,500 for union labor for a maximum credit of $12,500. This bill was reported from the Finance Committee on May 26.


Buy American Laws

Senator Stabenow’s Make It In America Act will soon pass the Senate as part of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act. It strengthens Buy American laws through increased transparency and accountability. And it closes loopholes so American tax dollars are buying American goods and services.