Senator Stabenow Statement on President Zelensky’s Address to Congress

—Senator Stabenow released this statement following President Zelensky’s remarks to the U.S. Congress:

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

“President Zelensky just spoke to a joint session of Congress. I continue to be deeply moved by his astonishing courage and determination as well as that of the Ukrainian people in the face of an unprovoked, brutal, and relentless assault on their country. President Biden and Congress must continue to do everything we can to help them defend their people and their democracy. That includes the billions in essential aid just passed in the recent appropriations bill for military assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense capabilities and critical humanitarian assistance. And it includes continuing to hit Putin and his oligarchs where they feel it most – in their bank accounts. The people of Ukraine are standing strong – and Americans are with them in prayer and in action.”