Senator Stabenow Receives Praise and Recognition from Small Business Council of America

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow was presented with the Small Business Council of America’s Special Congressional Achievement award during the 34th Annual Congressional Awards Reception. Stabenow was recognized for her tireless work as a member of the Senate Budget and Finance Committees and her continued role as a champion of small businesses. She is only the 6th member of Congress to ever receive this award.

Senator Stabenow has been a strong advocate for small businesses, cutting taxes and increasing access to capital for entrepreneurs to help them expand and create jobs. Over the past year, she has visited over 80 small businesses during her Small Business Tour across the state.

“Small businesses owners invest their own time, capital and ideas into making their businesses and their community successful,” said Senator Stabenow. “I appreciate this recognition and will continue to do everything I can to empower these entrepreneurs and ensure they have the resources they need to be successful.”

“Senator Stabenow has always been a great friend of the small business community,” said SBCA President, Gary Kushner of Kalamazoo, Michigan. “From the time I started working with her in the Michigan Legislature, to the US House of Representatives, and now in the US Senate, Senator Stabenow has always had an open door and an open ear to hearing the issues of highest concern to small businesses in manufacturing, retailing, 'Mom and Pops', and professional service firms.”

As a senior member of the Finance Committee, Senator Stabenow led the effort to extend important tax cuts for manufacturers, startups, and other small businesses. Stabenow successfully worked to create the State Small Business Credit Initiative to promote lending to small businesses. She has also introduced legislation to provide additional funding for this program that would help small businesses to access the capital they need to grow and create jobs.