Senator Debbie Stabenow: We Can Address Semiconductor Shortage by Growing Jobs in America

Stabenow’s New Bipartisan Bill Highlighted as a Critical Solution During Senate Finance Committee Hearing

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Debbie Stabenow’s new bipartisan bill was center stage today at the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance hearing that discussed American manufacturing and how to strengthen American supply chains. Her bipartisan bill, introduced with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), would incentivize manufacturers to build or retool existing plants to make advanced energy parts like semiconductors and batteries and create good-paying jobs across the country.


A video of her remarks can be found here.


“The U.S. is in a global clean energy race right now. We know $100 billion has already been invested in that race by China alone for electric vehicles and their component parts. The U.S. supply chain vulnerabilities really are happening right now. In Michigan today, there are layoffs as a result of the shortage of a semiconductor chip that comes from Taiwan. We can’t allow that to continue, and we’ve got a lot to do together. I was proud to author the successful 48C tax credit a number of years ago. And I’m so pleased to see everyone embracing the bipartisan effort we have to reconstitute the 30% tax credit for clean energy manufacturing in the United States. I appreciate Senator Manchin and Senator Daines partnering on this,” said Senator Stabenow during the hearing.  


This year, Senator Stabenow has introduced two pieces of her American Jobs Agenda. On March 1, Senator Stabenow introduced her bipartisan bill to boost manufacturing by providing a 30% tax credit for manufacturers to retool or build new facilities to produce advanced energy parts or technologies. The American Jobs in Energy Manufacturing Act would incentivize manufacturers in Michigan to create jobs that draw on existing skilled workforces and reinvest in communities experiencing high unemployment.


On February 23, Senator Stabenow introduced a bill to strengthen Buy American laws. The bipartisan Make It in America Act will make it harder for federal agencies to use waivers to get around Buy American rules, requiring the federal government to give preference to American companies and spend taxpayer dollars on American-made products.